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Rising Gas Prices?

I hear all the time about rising gas prices happening in the states. It’s happening here as well. We went to the pump the other day and diesel was R12.46 a liter which comes out to over $6 a gallon! I knew it was rising but couldn’t believe how much it really was! I think, though, what strikes me the most is the minimum wage here especially among the black Africans. A daily minimum wage (among black Africans) is $8.75. How do people afford taxis, bus transport, or even fuel for their own cars at that rate!? I know that prices are rising (and doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon) but when I look at prices here and the amount people earn, it gives me a different perspective. Instead of complaining about my own situation, it makes me pray for those living on so little. It definitely makes me grateful for God’s provision!

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