I am writing this blog post at 11:00 on Sunday night waiting for my husband to get back from a busy day of hosting the conference. You’re probably wondering why I wouldn’t just go to bed or relax or something but tonight was such a special night for us, I felt I couldn’t wait to talk about it. The conference kicked off tonight with a commissioning of our team. We invited all our friends in White River and the communities we are working in to celebrate this time with us, and a celebration it was! As one of the YWAM leaders did a roll call of the nations, I was amazed at how many nations have gathered at University Village. It is truly amazing to have about 270 people from 6 different continents and too many countries to count, gathered here to pray over what God is doing in our region of South Africa. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!

There is so much power in being commissioned by our fellow YWAMers. They have embraced us and encouraged us so much. I know that in the spiritual realm, it’s even more powerful than I can imagine. Though this conference has been so much work, seeing all the people walk and bless the grounds, makes it all worth it.

Jeremy and I had the privilege of being prayed over by our friends and YWAM leaders. Again such power in that! We had words of leading the children right to Jesus, churches catching the vision, that people will learn from our example… All I can say is, “Wow, God!” And, “Thank you, Jesus!”

PS: Today the 29th is Jeremy and Emma Grace’s birthdays! We’re celebrating after the chaos!

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