It Was In The Evidence…

(These are actual events retold as best as I can remember.)

Maybe it was the ever growing mounds of laundry. Or maybe the heap of dishes. No, it must have been the lack of carefully planned out meals. Actually it was more like the plethora of movies my kids watched in one week. Whatever gave it away, all signs pointed to the fact that mom was sick!

From Blog Pics
From Blog Pics

Last week had to be the worst week of my life. It started out with mild aches and pains, but it escalated so much that four days into it, I knew I had to go to the doctor. My fever had gotten so high that I couldn’t even see straight. I arrived at the doctor’s office only to wait an excrutiating long 15 minutes. She called me back, and with concern etched on her face, asked me my symptoms. “Where do I start?” I thought. In a whisper I replied, “Bodyaches, headaches, fever, chills, dry heaving, cough, sore throat, loss of voice…” I stopped, feeling that was adequate. She took my temperature and I saw the look of concern grow deeper. She gave me a suppository to immediately bring the fever down and took me to get a malaria test. Although I had not been in any malaria areas, she wanted to rule out that possibility.

The lady at the lab was anything but sympathetic. She seemed frustrated that I would only whisper the answer to her questions. After the labwork and everything was done, Jeremy took me home to rest.

I finally found some relief when the suppository started to kick in and my fever start to go down. I thought, “Maybe I’m on the road to recovery.” Jeremy returned home with my scripts and I quickly took the antibiotic prescribed, thinking it would heal my poor body. Little did I know it would bring on the one symptom I didn’t have – diarrhea.

Frustrated! That’s how I felt. So the next day, my loving husband called the doctor. “Stop the antibiotics right away!” she ordered. I guess the results from my lab proved I didn’t have malaria but my white blood cell count indicated I was fighting a virus. No antibiotic could help that. It just had to run its course. I stopped the antibiotics and immediately started on probiotics to increase the good bacteria in my body.

From Blog Pics

I am happy to say I am now on the road to recovery. My body is still weak but I am feeling 90% better. A big thanks to my husband for taking care of me, Emma Grace for her sympathetic hugs, and for Joshua for taking care of his little sister when Jeremy wasn’t home and I couldn’t get out of bed!

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