A Kiss From Prince Charming?

The other day I was making dinner when Emma Grace came in starving. She grabbed an apple to appease her hunger until the food was ready. Not 2 minutes later I walked into the living room to find her…

Did she take a bite of the poisonous apple that sent her to a dreamlike sleep? Does she need a kiss from her handsome Prince Charming to break the spell? (Of course, only her daddy would do for that!) In her fairty tale world, I’m sure that would be just perfect for her.

On a totally unrelated note…I added a new feature to my blog.  You will notice the google search engine to the left.  You can now search my blog using key words.  So if you want to see all the posts on University Village, for example, but don’t want to weed through the ministry label, simply type it in and google will bring up all my posts relating to that!

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