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Signs You Are Hosting A Conference…

These are signs you are hosting a conference…or better yet a YWAM conference!

  1. You get 6 hours or less of sleep a night.
  2. Your kids get bathed every few days or else go for a dip in the pool! (Don’t report me…a LOT of dirt never hurt anyone, right?) The picture below is our bathtub after the kids got out. I had to turn the flash off so you could get the full effect.
  3. Every muscle in your body aches!
  4. You’ve used your word limit for the week in the first day.
  5. You miss most of the sessions because you’re re-stocking toilet paper, taking out trash, washing dishes, taking care of the day’s issues…(need I go on?)
  6. You maximize space by managing to cram people in every nook and cranny (mainly because those lovely YWAMers forgot to tell you they were coming or that they needed housing!)
  7. You conveniently forget to wear your name tag hoping that the bearer of bad news will tell some other poor soul from your staff that the toilets are leaking (for the 10th time!)
  8. You suddenly become the expert on everything from cooking to plumbing to medical care.
  9. You repeat sentences a couple of times because your brain is overloaded and can’t remember what your mouth said 2 minutes prior.
  10. Everyone greets you by name, feeling like they know you because you registered them and have been on stage making announcements, while you smile and rack your brain trying to remember their name.

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