Christmas Crafting

As I take the first steps toward more handmade gifts, I’m pleased to show you some of my work! Ok, so they’re not perfect but they are lovingly created with my hands which is just perfect. First up we have the “Sweet Little Purse.” The pattern can be found here. I made this for a friend and included some notecards I made with some of my photos. The purse didn’t come out looking exactly like the picture with the pattern. I realized my mistake when it was too late. Should have freshened up on purling!

I also made this simple dishcloth for our house cleaner along with some scones and homemade pear butter. Nothing too fancy – just a simple knit and purl pattern.

I’ve always said that there’s nothing better than homemade. Now I have to also say there’s nothing better than hand made. Thank you, Jesus, for giving us hands to create!

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