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an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development

With kids, it seems you see so many milestones in short periods of time. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each new stage of development and seeing them continue to grow into confident kids. I think encouraging them to step out in their independence and congratulating them on a job well done, is a crucial part of development.

Joshua’s major milestone lately has been learning to tie his shoes! After receiving his year end Grade R report and seeing he got a 1 out of 4 (4 being the best) on tying shoes, I thought I should probably teach him. With slip on and velcro shoes being the fad, I hadn’t thought much about teaching him. He doesn’t even wear shoes with laces. However, next year in school, wearing his black mandatory lace up shoes, he will need to know. I’d always heard about the bunny knot but never actually knew how it went. Ian’s Shoelace site provided the answers I needed.

Milestone :: Learning to Tie Shoes

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