10 Things I’m Loving

I feel this is a very good post to remind myself of the things that I am loving and the things I am thankful for right now. There are so many but here’s 10 of them!

1. The daily reminder of who Jesus is and His goodness in our lives. His love overwhelms me (in a good way!) And praise God for His protection. The other day someone commented that we must have angels looking over us. Yes!

2. My morning shower to rinse off the previous day’s and the night’s sweat off my body. It’s hot here with no AC!

3. My kids and their growing personalities. And my husband and the ways he says, “I love you.”

4. Iced green tea. It’s so refreshing on a hot day! And in a stem…well, isn’t everything better in a stem?

green tea in a stem

5. The kid’s new trampoline. They get some exercise and it gets them outside!


6. Those evening showers that leave a green blanket and a coolness in the air.

7. I will forever love The Office. It provides many laughs and much entertainment in this household!

8. My son’s awesome creativity and happiness with who God has made him to be. (Check tomorrow’s post to see what I mean!)

9. My new hobby ~ knitting! It’s relaxing and I’m actually making something in the process!

10. My new role as DTS leader. It’s stretching, challenging, and awesome all at the same time! Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to do the desire of my heart!

And thank you to all of you for your wonderful words of encouragement and the prayers you are lifting up for us. I’ve been so encouraged by your comments and emails. It means so much!

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