Our Weekend Guest

We had a weekend guest! In Connecticut, Joshua had many friends and they would always have afternoon play dates. Moving here he really missed his time with all his friends. After living here for a year and half, he had his first friend over – for the night!


I called Joshua’s friend’s mom to see if he could come over on a Friday afternoon. Something was lost in translation because when I met her at school, she asked if she should pick him up Saturday or Sunday! I stumbled over my words but I think what came out was that either day would be fine! (I think I’ll write another post soon on crossing the cultural lines.)


So Joshua had lots of fun with his weekend guest. I think his heart is happy (or as they would say here, full) that he had a playmate in his home. They had lots of fun playing with action figures, jumping on the trampoline, running around, dressing up as super heroes, and even letting little sis tag along.

Since the kids were occupied, I was able to work a little more on my surprise project. It’s coming along quite nicely!


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