Summer Break Comes To An End

Long, hot days. Dips in the pool. Staying up a little later at night. Eating dinner on the back porch. Ahh, all remind me of the beautiful days of summer. Days when all the swimming makes your sun kissed face happily drift off to sleep at night as you dream of the next day’s memories.

We’ve had a lovely, hot summer. But I think the kids are ready to get back to school and see their friends. The fresh school supplies are purchased and waiting for eager hands to break them in. School starts tomorrow and everyone is feeling mixed emotions. Nervous at going to a new school. Eager to join common faces. Excited for a change of schedule.

Joshua starts the days of uniforms! A mom’s gotta love not having to decide on the day’s outfit. Although, it makes me kind of sad the lacking of individuality! The last step is the haircut. We let him grow his hair at his own request. I have to say it is looking mighty good. But White River Primary School doesn’t allow hair touching the neck or below the ears, so sadly, his beautiful locks have to go! Tonight is the big event! We’re waiting as long as possible!

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