Gifting My Handmades

I have decided that every gift I give must have a touch of handmade in it. Doesn’t it just speak of love when you have spent your precious time making it? I think so. So with a wedding and a birthday within a week of each other, I was busy. Hence, the mystery project had to be put aside for now.

For the wedding I decided to make a lavender scented sachet. A bit girly, I know, but it went perfect with some bathroom items on their registry. I found the pattern in a cute little magazine we get here in S. Africa called The Art Of Knitting. Instead of going with the pattern of knitting hearts on the bag, I opted for little flower bursts instead. DEFINITELY screamed, “GIRL,” but I was pleased with the results.

wedding sachet

wedding sachet

My friend, Lindsey’s, birthday falls on Valentine’s Day. She loves pink and brown so I decided to make her a purse in those colors. I decided to try a different pattern from my Sweet Little Purse, and went with Sampler Stitch Purse by Frugalhaus found here.

knit purse

If you’re wondering how I had the time to do all this, I utilized my “traveling in the car for hours” time to be productive with my crafts!

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