Risk v. No Risk

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Last week one of our staff, David Song, taught on the Nature and Character of God. It can be a difficult week as belief systems can be challenged. I think, though, it is healthy to wrestle through the Bible and really study what it says about who God is. So one of the discussions that came up is the whole idea of risk versus no risk. Did God take a risk in inviting us to walk in relationship with Him? Or does He just have it all planned out? Did He give us free will to choose? Or are we predestined to love Him? It’s a heavy, I know. And there are so many theologies out there with these different ways of thinking.

At the end of the week, we watched Bruce Almighty. You know, the movie where God lets an average Joe be God for a period of time. Of course, Bruce quickly discovers how hard this job really is. There’s a line in the movie that is fantastic. Bruce asks God, “How do you make people love you without interfering with free will?” And God laughs, “When you get that one figured out, let me know.”

Didn’t God take a huge risk in giving us free will and letting us choose to love Him and walk in relationship with Him? Because the foundation of His nature is love, it seems that He had to give us free will. What do you all think? I love this discussion and would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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