My Son’s First Fight

playful fighting
This photo is playful banter. This is not the type I’m about to refer to.

So Tuesday, Joshua came home from school, legs covered in dried red mud, face smeared with mud streaks, and clothes with a hint of it as well. Puzzled, I asked him what happened. His answer, “I got into a fight.” I thought this was some kind of weird joke his daddy and him had concocted on the way home. But no, it was true. I was shocked! My 6 year old? A fight at school. What could be so bad that a 6 year old felt the need to take out his aggression on his “friends.”

I guess Joshua felt the need when a few of his friends started teasing him about liking a couple of girls on the playground and Joshua got frustrated. There were no throwing of fists, more like a wrestle match gone crazy.

Now I read Wild At Heart when I was pregnant with Joshua. I was intrigued with how he wrote of every man’s desire of a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue. (Sounds like a movie!) I don’t want to condone fighting but is this part of a boy’s DNA? Is this normal? At 6? Moms out there who have sons, help me out. I would love your feedback. I want to raise my kids to respect others! So let me know your thoughts!

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