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So the kids take swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ve named it my “Me Time.” I looked forward to that half hour where I could do whatever I want, uninterrupted. So when this opportunity presented itself, I honestly had this inside war going on. My kid’s swimming teacher is a single mom who teaches swimming every day to make a living. Her daughter, who is the same age as Joshua, frequently roams the garden where I sit during their lesson, mostly looking for something to do. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve used my “Me Time” to sit and knit. She was very intrigued with what I was making and began sitting and just watching.

So I had an idea. That’s when the inside struggle happened. The idea was to teach her to knit. You see my struggle? In doing that, she needed my undivided attention which meant I had to lay my books and projects aside. After knowing it was the right thing to do, I asked her if she wanted to learn. She smiled and nodded. So now, every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00, she strolls to the garden to find me to work on her scarf.

teach to knit

I remember as a little girl how I looked up to those older than me. When you reach adulthood, it’s easy to quickly forget that. I so often feel humbled that God could use me to make a difference in other’s lives but praise God He does!

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