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Second Annual Love Feast

dinner at the love feast

What is a love feast, you might ask. That’s a good question. The purpose of a love feast is for us, as staff, to bless our students in the discipleship school. We prepare a nice dinner and serve them. Then we all have fun seeing everyone perform for the talent show! The weather prevented us from having it outside (our first choice) but our living room did just fine as a dining hall and stage!

The Menu

greek salad with an amazing dressing prepared by the one and only, Brittany
homemade wheat bread, fresh out of the oven
steaks grilled to perfection by my awesome husband
broccoli and cheese casserole by none other than Lynn Hodge
and to top it all off…strawberry shortcake with fresh cream baked by me

The Talent Line-Up

(for those of you who don’t know all these people, you might find this next segment a bit boring, but this part is dedicated to all those friends and family out there!)

opening act :: African Woman!
monologue on the richness of Africa and African women
followed by how to tie a scarf on your head
african woman

DTS staff band :: Falling Slowly
this was my debut after 10 years of not playing my flute
Mishea, where were you!?
falling slowly debut

Hodge and friends
(who came all the way from the states to sing this hymn!)
hodge and friends

the Jazzettes
Eunice couldn’t quite get the moves down
Monique aka Jillian (The Biggest Loser) kicked into action
jazzettes in action

the boot dance!
move over Shangana Village
you might have some competition!
boot dance

some African dancing
always a treat!
african dancing

how to tie a baby on your back
the real talent is walking around without the little one falling off!
how to tie a baby on your back

“sandy” doing impersonations of everyone
and the costume…well, some things are better left unsaid

love of my life playing an original song
it was amazing!
my love singing

David Song :: Diamonds In The Dust
diamonds in the dust

Joshua sang his original song, I Like How God Made Me
I was a proud mama!
i like how god made me

I don’t know what’s better…seeing a precious baby make cute faces or her parents faces as they desperately encourage her to perform!

Brittany recites her amazing short story in progress
short story by brittany deniston

Jocelyn with her slam poem
slam poetry

John tells a funny about a certain Robert Spears
doctoring emails!
funny story

So as you can see, we had lots of fun Saturday night! The photos don’t even do justice to all the talent and laughs that were shared! I think these times are a vital part of being a healthy team and living as a community of people working together.

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