Back From Vacation…

Although most of you probably didn’t know I was gone! I’m a little sneaky scheduling posts so I can truly enjoy being away without any pressures. We took a very l-o-n-g Easter weekend, leaving on Thursday and coming back on Monday. With the DTS students just leaving and the kids being out of school (they went back yesterday) it was the best time. We decided to go to the same spot as last vacation. I know. A bit boring. But with kids, sometimes I feel like it’s good to stick with what you know!

We had fun just being together (although a certain 4-year-old decided it was time to play some not-so-fun games…more on that later) and the kids had a few firsts. Like learning about the plight of sardines along the Wild Coast at the Imax (Joshua loved it!) and seeing a movie in actual 3D!

Here’s some 3D madness for you…

watching it in 3d

squints look a like

looking cool

Of course, there has to be yummy treats on vacation!

licking the spoon

The best meal? The espetadas at Braza, a Portugal, Mozambique, Brazil, Angola grill. Tell me, Nina, are espetadas a Portuguese thing?


The hotel was having an Easter egg hunt so we let the kids participate.

looking for the goods

finding candy

This was Joshua’s attire everywhere he went. Toting along in his backpack his prized journal given to him for his birthday by Uncle Zachary and Aunt Anneke. Never know when you might be inspired to draw or write! (Anneke painted the front of it.)

a boy and his backpack

a boy and his journal

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