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handing out pen and paper

I had the privilege this week of going with Keri, our staff member who works in Mbonisweni everyday, to the girl’s club program that runs every Thursday at the primary school. The numbers vary from week to week, but this group of grade 6 and 7 girls are loving being able to get together and just talk about life skills type of stuff. This week they continued their series talking about boys and the reality of the decisions these girls face. Although giggles are heard throughout the classroom, I know just being able to be open about this topic and find a safe place for them to share is so valuable.

the words to write

After the discussion time, the girls were able to read their letters that came all the way from Germany! Hannah, a school teacher in Munich, visited us last year and had the idea of starting pen pals with her students and some of the kids here. The girls were so excited to write their pen friend across the seas. After about 45 minutes to an hour, we realized that we needed to continue the letters next week. The girls were putting their best into it and being very diligent about their artwork. It was priceless to see the excitement on their faces.


Hannah came here last year and came up with this idea as a way to do her part in the orphan crisis. It’s so exciting and such a blessing to see ideas come to life!

reading the letter


Today is world malaria day. Did you know that there are 1 million deaths a year due to malaria and 109 malarious countries in 4 regions? For more info, check out this site and the World Malaria Day site.

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