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Kruger With Our Peeps

Tuesday we got to take our gang from back home to Kruger Park. I always love going to the park. I mean what’s not to love about driving around in the wild looking for African animals?! I try to go with low expectations and then be surprised with what I see. I mean it’s always a guarantee that you’re going to see impala, monkeys, some kind of bird, and those bats hanging in the Skukuza eating pavilion but those cats…everyone wants to see the cats but they are the hardest to spot! What we did see were tons of elephants. Everywhere. Right on the road. We also spotted those not so big animals that you usually don’t take the time to look at because you’re so busy looking for the other stuff. Let me take you on a photo tour of our day…

female kudu

guinea fowl

zebras in the road

keith changing a tire
side note…getting out of your car can incur serious fines
i’m sure you can imagine why!

isn’t this little guy cute??

a not so cute colorful spider

our peeps!

i’m telling you…the elephants were everywhere
these are my favorite shots



we were booking it to get out of the park in time
this herd of buffalo crossed the road just before we drove out


Today our friends leave us to fly back to their loved ones. We will miss them dearly. They wanted to be a breath of fresh air to us and they definitely were! We are sad to see them go but look forward to the next time we see them!

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