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Some Activities Before The School Grind

Tuesday I asked the kids what they wanted to do on their final day off before going back to school for 2nd term. Their picks were a craft (oh, yes, of course, always ready for that!) and a scavenger hunt!

I’ve had my eye on making this yarn basket and when I showed it to the kids, they were so excited about it! A little extra yarn is no problem in these parts! Be forewarned. This craft is fun but as you can see, it is quite messy!

yarn basket in progress

messy project

While we were waiting for daddy to come back with more glue, we started the scavenger hunt. Joshua really gets into these. Emma Grace and Arielle (their cousin) just follow him around, getting sidetracked here and there. I wrote up the clues and hid them everywhere – outside, in the house, the office, pavillion. Ten clues later, Joshua found his prize in the fridge! A McDonald’s toy (thanks, Mom, for all those you sent) and a candy.

scavenger hunt

a clue!

This is such a fun game for the older kids. Gets them thinking and out of the boredom rut! Thanks to my friend, Christine, for sending me the list of kid’s activities! You really should start a blog, Christine!

We returned to the yarn baskets after the scavenger hunt. Joshua finished his. Emma Grace was on to other things so hers is to be continued…

yarn basket

yarn basket

To make this craft, simply blow up a balloon to the desired basket size. Place in a bowl. Dip 8-10 inch yarn pieces into glue and stick on balloon. After glue has dried (it took Joshua’s about 2 days), pop the balloon and you have a basket! Perfect for loose change, crayons, hair ties, small toys, anything!

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