Tender Treasure :: Lucia


Although Mbonisweni is not her “home,” Lucia has certainly found the elements that go into a home here at Mama V‘s. Lucia never knew her father and last year her mother tragically died in an accident. I am told that her life was taken by a crocodile (gasp). With no where to go, she came to Mama V’s. Fourteen years old, separated from her siblings and both parents dead, Lucia had much to be sad about. Last year she wasn’t even able to attend school because she didn’t have a uniform or school fees. Now, with the help of Ten Thousand Homes, Lucia is in school. I am so impressed with this young lady. She’s not at Victoria’s for a handout, but she serves and blesses the kids that come to the feeding programs in Mbonisweni. And she does it with a smile on her face.

All the schools here in S. Africa, private or state, require that each student wear a uniform. And each school charges school fees. If a child doesn’t have a uniform, they are unable to go to school. As you can imagine, this is extremely difficult for orphans who have no way to earn income. Please pray for these kids. Pray that God will provide for them to be able to go to school and that He will even lead us to the ones who need His provision. Can you imagine only getting a 7th grade education because you couldn’t afford the fees to learn?

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