Day 6 :: A Day In Entebbe

saying goodbye

We participated in a final community worship session with the YWAMers and our team before saying, “See you in 2 weeks!” We left for Entebbe…and then came back to search for Jeremy’s lost phone…and then left again! We arrived at The Vine, a lovely guest house that exists to serve missionaries and those in Christian ministry.

motor bike taxi

We decided to walk to the center of town to check it out. An eager motorcycle taxi offered to take us around. Sure! Why not? Riding through the streets of Entebbe, I thought to myself, “This is crazy! I would never do this in the states! Especially without a helmet!” Praise God for the extended grace during those times! Our $2.50 ride landed us at Gately’s.


If I wrote restaurant reviews, I would give this place 2 thumbs up! A lovely atmosphere and food choices for all palates. Not to mention 5 flavors of freshly squeezed juice! If you’re ever in Uganda, be sure to look up The Vine guest house and Gately’s!

freshly squeezed pineapple juice

eggplant sandwich

This concludes our adventures in Uganda. Although I shared a lot of photos with you, I took over 400 on our 6 day trip. If you want to see more, you can visit my Uganda Flickr set.

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