Don’t You Just Hate It When…

I know hate is a strong word but here are some of the things I strongly dislike.
Don’t you just hate it when…

  • the butter gets put back in the fridge just long enough to form into a hard rock making it virtually impossible to spread on toast?
  • you walk into an unsuspecting spider web and then have the hee-bee-jee-bees (I swear that’s a word) all day because you just know that spider is somewhere in your shirt?
tangled webs
  • you’re taking a shower and suddenly the tap runs dry because the green jojo tanks are empty? Ok, maybe that doesn’t happen to most of you but maybe you can identify with a cold shower??

My main inspiration for this post was the spider web. I feel like I’ve been walking into them so much lately! Is there anyone else out there who strongly dislikes walking into spider webs??

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