Make Your Own Puzzle!

I first saw this idea on Melanie’s blog. I knew I had to try it! So a couple of days before I left for Uganda, the kids and I along with Arielle, my niece, baked cookies and made puzzles! A fun craft that isn’t too difficult for little hands.

First, I cut out large rectangular pieces of cardboard from empty cereal and oatmeal boxes and let the kids choose a page from an old book. We never read this one (I think it was from a Cheerios box) but it has cool watercolor-looking photos.

puzzle time!

Next, we glued the page to the shiny side of the cardboard. After it dries, trim the edge. Using a pencil, mark pieces to cut on the back. I cut pieces according to the size of the child. Joshua’s had smaller pieces and Arielle’s were several big pieces. Emma Grace was somewhere in between.

joshua's puzzle

arielle's puzzle

emma's puzzle

Finally, let them have fun putting the pieces together! It will keep them entertained for a while!

joshua putting the pieces together

arielle and her puzzle

emma contemplating

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