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looking at garden

Day 3 of our Ugandan adventure we were able to work with the Orphans Know More project. Walking just a couple of miles down the red, clay road that stains not only clothes but skin as well, we visited Esther (in picture above, she is the one on the right), a 30 year old single woman caring for her 5 younger siblings.


I couldn’t believe her story of abandonment. Her parents divorced when the youngest was one. Her father remarried but his spouse wouldn’t let him have anything to do with his kids. Her mother ran off to live with another man, leaving her kids behind. Her oldest sibling was a drunk, so she took the responsibility of caring for her siblings.

cooking lunch

jeremy weeding the garden

team weeding the garden

We spent the whole day with them weeding the garden, helping with lunch, playing games, and doing arts and crafts. As I talked with Esther, I was amazed at her joy and how the kids have such joy in their hearts. She told me the kids have really had to work through anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness. I can imagine! They still see their mother when she comes to work near their home. I’m sure those feelings re-surface when they see a mother who should have embraced them rather than rejecting them.

face paint

design in progress

Orphans Know More has brought hope to their situation by providing a house and school fees for them. But please pray for them. I don’t know what hurts worse…being abandoned through death of a parent or through the conscious decision to not be in their lives. My guess is the latter.

old house

The kids all have dreams of growing up and becoming something. My prayer for them was that their dreams would not be squashed by their situation.

esther's family

Moses, 24 years, is studying computer science in Kampala, an hour’s drive away.
Elizabeth, 18 years, aspires to be a secondary teacher one day.
Olivia, 15 years, wants to become a nurse.
Janet, 14 years, wants to use her math skills to become an accountant.
Esther, 10 years, desires to bring life by becoming a midwife.
Barbara, 7 years, wants to help others by practicing medicine.

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