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Tuesday, May 5th, 10 AM

Travel Agent: “Hey Jen! So there’s been a mix up. Your passports are in Witbank!”

Long and drawn out, “O-k-a-y…”

Travel Agent: “Apparently they wrote Witbank on yours instead of White River so the courier delivered them there.” Ha ha, “This never happens!” (Lucky us!)

After working out an arrangement to pick up our passports the day we leave, I start my frantic search for the video camera charger. Racing back and forth to be a part of as much of the Volunteer Appreciation as I can.

Fast forward…

2:40 rolls around. Time to take the kids to swimming. Emma Grace so conveniently locks herself in the bathroom in an attempt to avoid going. Her stubbornness doesn’t budge, resulting in Jeremy having to unscrew screws to get in. Ten minutes till. We’re going to be late. I frantically start the truck and we’re off. I was totally surprised by the next chain of events.

I’m nearing the driveway blind spot when suddenly there’s a taxi (which is a large van) right there coming to fetch the Mbonisweni volunteers. On a one lane driveway I swerve and slam on my breaks, only to discover the dirt has caught the tires and landed me right into his headlight. Visibly upset, he blocks the driveway so I can’t get away. Ok, by now I’m really frustrated. The kids are late. I’m leaving in the morning. I don’t have time for this. Jeremy comes to my rescue and I’m on my way.

Fifteen minutes late, the kids start their 30 minute lesson. I return, go to the police station to file my report so our insurance can pay for the damages. By this time, emotions are high as the day’s events have caught up to me. My wonderful husband isn’t mad. He lovingly asks me if I’m ok. Right question, honey.

This was my day’s events before leaving for Uganda. Some may say it should have been a sign that we shouldn’t go. I say it was a sign we were heading right where God wanted us. More to come on our adventures in Jinja…

Side Note :: Thanks for all your comments while I was gone! I look forward to catching up this week including tackling my inbox of 126 new emails! Also, Tender Treasures will resume next week!

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