DTS Graduation

Our students left yesterday. So sad! But we had a great debriefing week at Merry Pebbles in Sabie, just 40 minutes from us. We didn’t jam pack it with meetings but instead let the students rest and have fun with their team mates before saying goodbye. A few photos from our time…

making a fire


eating dinner

riding bikes

We had graduation Friday night. As the student’s final creative expression project, they had to do the atmosphere for the night, creating a place of worship and making a place to welcome Jesus. They did fantastic with candles, lamps, sheer curtains, flowers, and music. Everyone left feeling blessed and like they had been with Jesus.

DTS graduation

the crowd


I didn’t want to, but I got emotional saying thank you to the staff and the students. They were a group who fully engaged God resulting in complete unity with each other. It was such a blessing to spend the last 5 months together. I will miss everyone! Below is the video I showed at graduation. It’s 10 minutes long but it gives a glimpse of the fun times during this DTS!

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