The Hong Kong Experience Through Jeremy’s Eyes…

building in hong kong

Walking aimlessly through Hong Kong International Airport and staring at the reflection of myself in the shop windows at 3 a.m., I felt like I was in the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal. Jet lag. Normally I enjoy. Waking up early with extra time to prepare for the day, but 2 a.m. is a little rough.

the market

I was in Hong Kong for a week attending Call2All Global Congress. Leaders from over 100 nations came together. My friend, David Song, and I went to be a part of the discussions around the area of compassion within the role of the church and the Great Commission.

hong kong


1. Time of worship with people from all those nations while dancing on a huge map of the world.

2. Meeting some incredible people doing amazing things, such as a French man named Tim working with children living in the garbage heaps of Cambodia. How encouraging it is to hear other’s stories!

streets of hong kong

3. The city. Hong Kong is an incredible city. It is where east meets west. 7 million people living in a natural setting with an amazing skyline. One night David and I went up to the peak to look down over the city. After an exciting taxi ride and an hour hike we finally made to the spot. Unfortunately, we chose the foggiest night of the week to go up. I will still remember that view forever.

4. The noodles.

cooking fish

Although I missed the family, it was a great trip. Good discussions, good food, and great people. I look forward to the next one.

Thanks to Jeremy for writing this guest post! To see more photos from his time in Hong Kong, you can visit my Flickr Hong Kong set. And stay tuned next week…Jeremy brought me back something for my next giveaway!

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