Last Week…

While Jeremy was away in Hong Kong, I took the week to relax, spend quality time with the kids, and get some alone time for myself. Coffee with friends, movies, crafting, and resting are what filled my days. One thing that filled my thoughts was how quickly time passes. Especially with my kids. How busyness so easily prevents from enjoying the little moments that pass by.

sleeping girl

I planned little “surprises” during the week and it was so fun! Joshua’s favorite was the after school trip to the mall that involved movie, popcorn, and pizza for dinner! And Emma Grace’s was, of course, the nacho, movie, sleepover night! I never let my kids sleep in the bed with me. Why? Well, Emma Grace seems to take over while Joshua complains about her all night. Not much fun, except for the Little Miss. She loves it! Her love language is definitely physical touch so she sleeps best when her arms are touching one person and her legs the other. I asked her while we were getting ready for bed if she wanted her pillow. “No.” “Well, then are you going to use Daddy’s?” I asked. “No, I’m going to lay next to you!” And that ‘s exactly what she did. Bright and early Saturday morning, I opened my eyes to see her looking at me, “Rise and shine!” She said. Yes, rise and shine, because today daddy comes home from Hong Kong!

sleepy girl with brother

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