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Through a fellow missionary, we recently came across a community just down the road from us called Dwalini. Like most communities, there are many orphans there who need care. About 15 ladies have been doing home visits since 1999. They call themselves Sizanani Home Based Care. Sizanani literally means to help each other and that’s certainly what these ladies do, with a smile on their face. I asked one of the ladies what the best part of visiting people was. Her answer? That they got to work as a team, doing it together.

sizanani home based care

That’s exactly what I saw when I went and visited them last week. Working together. Through God’s provision and a very generous donor, Sizanani Home Based Care has acquired a house to use as a care center for the kids. As these ladies have visited patients over the last 10 years, they have seen many mommys and daddys die, leaving behind their young kids. As their dying wish, there’s been a plea to take care of the young children left behind. How can you say no to this? You can’t.

front of house

So these ladies look after about 50 kids. But with no actual building, they must just make regular visits to the kid’s homes, checking to make sure they have food, clothing, and a safe place to live. With this new building, they will be able to look after the kids all in one spot. Please pray for these ladies as they help to get the building suitable for a care center. We recently sent a team out to help clean, paint, rake, and take care of some electrical issues. There is still lots more to do, but it’s exciting to see progress happening and to see a place where kids will be able to experience all the elements that go into a “home.”

back of house

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