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In our little community here in Africa, we strongly encourage creativity. In the DTS we had regular creative expression exercises to practice this value of ours. It is such a fun way to express yourself and do things that you might not normally do! We recently had a special staff gathering and did a creative exercise. A word spit! It’s really easy and fun to do with a group of people. Pick a random group of words (we did about 20-30). Everyone gets a paper and pen. The rules are that the reader calls out a word every few seconds. When a word is called, you have to incorporate that into whatever you’re doing. Everyone always asks, “But what do I do?” Whatever you want! It’s free reign! You can do a story, a poem, anything! There is no form to it.

We don’t tell people this but at the end, everyone reads their creation. This was mine with the words highlighted in red.

This is the day that the olives watched my throat in January, as they met the pineapple and clicked in my stomach with the Thanksgiving turkey. The mustache on the truck conversed with the key softly and made green olives in a basket. Would you go with the dinosaur to the bathroom to clean his boots? It is October, after all. My cup on my pillow crossed the vice.

Doesn’t necessarily make much sense, but it is definitely fun. It is amazing how much insecurity rises from doing these. Every person, before reading theirs, felt the need to explain it and say, “Mine is totally different.” Good! That’s the point! We’re all unique and have different thought processes. That’s beauty of creativity and serving a creative God who has made us all so different! Hope you try this fun exercise with your family or small groups!


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