Fourth Of July Festivities


So I know we are way across the seas from our American roots, but there’s just some holidays you have to celebrate no matter what country you’re in. Independence Day is one of those! For the 3rd year in a row, we’ve celebrated 4th of July all the way in Africa, complete with fireworks and a BBQ… even though we’re all wrapped up in sweaters and scarves around a fire. The weather doesn’t beckon the usual Independence Day festivities, but we just can’t bear to not celebrate!

With burgers, baked beans, potato salad, and red, white, and blue rice krispies on the menu, all we needed were some fireworks! Luckily, our local craft/everything store also happens to be a “dealer in fireworks” store. They didn’t quite get why we would buy fireworks in July, as their only fireworks customers are in January to celebrate New Years.

huddled around the fire

We all huddled around the fire, amidst the cold rain, and watched the best African fireworks show ever! And my kids were brave enough to try sparklers this year!

joshua with sparkler

emma g with sparkler

Hope your festivities were filled with laughter, fun, good BBQ’s, and fantastic fireworks!

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