Hauling Water…Bringing Hope

hauling water

I love how a task can actually bring people together relationally. And one that is done out of the goodness of your heart, out of a heart to help others without even getting paid for it, is even better. This concept is a hard one here in Africa. Jobs are scarce and most people only work so they can get paid. Working for free is almost a foreign concept, or at least one that is not given much thought.


That’s why, when several eager youth from Sthembiso’s local church in Mbonisweni showed up to haul water in preparation for a team from the states to come build a home, we were all surprised and blessed beyond belief. Not only did they haul water for the team but they also came back day after day for 2 weeks to help build the home from the ground up. It went from the Americans coming to do a good deed, to the community rallying together to bless those who are less fortunate. It truly became an act of hope…

building site

More on the home and the kids who received it coming soon!

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