Tender Treasure :: The Sifumdza Family

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We drove as far as we could to visit the Sifumdza family. When the road stopped, the hike began up the mountain to a little wooden house at the top. Initially, upon seeing the house, I didn’t think it looked so bad. But as I heard her story and looked inside the little wooden dwelling, my heart broke.


You will have to imagine their living situation through my words, as I couldn’t bear to take photos of the place they called home. Sunlight shining through the cracks in the walls and roof. Barely any food on the small table in their living/bedroom. Mattresses on the floor to sleep this family of four. I could tell life was tough for this sweet family.


Originally from Swaziland, Ncobile, met her husband and found a home here in S. Africa. While pregnant with their 3rd child, her husband left her, alone and without an income to feed her precious children.


The Kabokweni volunteers discovered her situation when her children, Simphiwe and Lando, started coming to the drop-in center. Elizabeth now tries to help her out with food. I’ve seen Ncobile, with 2 month old Hendrikah strapped to her back, at the drop-in center cooking the food for the kids. This precious woman is thankful for the help she has received and wants to give back!


Please pray for this family. Pray that God would continue to provide food for them. There’s already love flowing freely, but pray that this family would have an adequate dwelling, keeping them safe and warm from the weather elements.

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