Because She’s Just That Special…

we love you, keri

We have a very special gal on staff with us. Keri, ex-YWAMER, turned Peace Corp, who ended up on our doorstep a year and a half ago. It’s amazing how fast time flies. You think a year and a half is forever until it comes and you realize how fast it has gone. Keri’s time with Peace Corp is ending, meaning she is leaving next week. But we are super excited about what the future holds for our friend! To celebrate Keri, honor her committed work with Ten Thousand Homes, and just say we love and appreciate you, we planned a day of surprises for her. From 8 AM to 8 PM, her day was chocked full of love. Hot stone massage, breakfast, shopping, a movie, a sushi lunch, hair cut and style at the salon, and then a huge party with everyone. It was loads of fun!

sushi for lunch

My favorite was the salon because I got to participate in on the fun! Keri, Brittany, and I went for a new do. Laughing, being pampered, and drinking our smoothies…it was a blast! There’s something about going to a salon with a group of girls. It’s like that’s the way it should be.


britt's cut

keri's cut

my cut


The party was so much fun, although some of us concluded that, without the Africans, it might have been a bit on the boring side. They just have this amazing ability, through song, to bring so much life and joy. It even got Keri dancing!

dancing line

dancing away

At the end of the evening, Jeremy said a few words and presented her with handwritten letters expressing in writing how much we love her. And our African friends presented her with a wrap to show their gratitude. Keri, we love you!

keri's gift

A special thanks to everyone who participated to make this day possible.
And thanks to Brittany who played a HUGE role in organizing the day!

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