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Guest Blogger…The Inventor Of The Jolly Elf Dance

The name of this post implies Christmas. But this was too good to wait until then! Here is the video and interview with this creative inventor…

Mommy: What is the name of this dance?
Joshua: Jolly Elf

Mommy: What was your inspiration to make up this dance?
Joshua: Silliness

Mommy: Did you see this done anywhere else?
Joshua: No

Mommy: Do you see yourself taking this dance on the road?
Joshua: No

Mommy: What do you want to do with this dance?
Joshua: Make a show

Mommy: What kind of show?
Joshua: A party show where everyone comes and does all different things.

There you have it, folks. Remember you saw it here first. Sometimes he entertains a crowd by showing off his moves. And the age old question is, “Where did he learn that??”

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