Reading…The Lost Choice

It seems these days it takes me forever to get through a book. I choose to read at night before I go to bed and my eyes seem to doze after only a few pages. After about a month, I finally finished The Lost Choice by Andy Andrews. It’s an interesting story line, focusing on 3 relics that have passed through the hands of some amazing men and women. George Washington Carver, Joan of Arc, William Wallace, John Adams, and Oskar Schindler, to name a few, and the amazing things these people did. Their amazing acts seem to follow the interesting message these relics contained. By your hand, the people shall be free. Shall be fed. Shall live. I don’t necessarily believe it was the relics that gave these men and women the power to do their heroic and history remembering deeds.

But Chapter 16 of the book provoked some interesting thought as I read the words that seemed to jump out of the page. “I’m starting to believe that I have spent my entire life playing defense, reacting to whatever happens instead of making things happen. They all had ideas or a cause or whatever, but we remember them – the world changed – because of the action they took! They played offense!” Are there some areas in our lives where we need to play offense? Are there things God is telling us but fear or insecurity keeps us from stepping out and making it happen? My challenge for myself, and hopefully anyone reading this, would be to be people that make things happen. That I (we) would be able to rise above the reasons why I can’t, trust God to move through me, and play offense! What do you think? Want to rise to the challenge with me?

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