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leaning against their new home

It is with great sadness that I write this post. You probably read the hopeful story of little Khethiwe who found herself the recipient of a new home! It was an exciting day to hand over the keys to her mom and brother.

Just last week we got word that Khethiwe’s mom passed away. She suddenly fell ill and a few days later, she slipped away from this earth. This tragedy left Khethiwe’s brother, Sipho, the head of the household at 15 years of age. An all too common scenario that seems to play itself out in southern Africa.


This family desperately needs your prayers. Khethiwe and Sipho are now orphaned and the relative that lives closest to them is their aunt who is sick with HIV. Please pray protection over these kids and that no one would try to take the house away from the kids now that there is no adult living there. Please also pray for the kids for their emotional well being as they deal with their mom’s death. The funeral is Saturday and there are still arrangements to be made. Finally pray for Sipho. When we first met him, there was a hardness as hard as a rock planted deep in his heart. As the walls of the house went up, it chipped away at that hardness. He started going to church and letting Himself respond to God’s love. Please pray that his mother’s death wouldn’t be a step backwards for him.


Although I can’t imagine what these kids are feeling, I am so happy in God’s timing of their house being built. Mimi, the mom, was able to die knowing that her kids had a house to live in that would last. That is the hope that I find in the midst of this very, very sad situation.

This post in remembrance of Mimi…

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