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Tender Treasure :: Praying For Hope

reflection of hope

I took this picture several weeks ago. It’s amazing how this simple shot has brought thoughts through my head to contemplate. I began thinking about reflections and what we see when we look at ourselves. When you see your reflection, what do you see? I’m sure there’s days where you see different things but ultimately you must see a child of God, full of the hope that comes from Him.

I wonder what these kids here in Africa see. Do they see hope? Khethiwe and Sipho, who recently lost their mom, do they see hope? My prayer is that these kids here in Africa would be filled with the hope that comes from Jesus Christ. My prayer is that they would not only hear but also see and experience that hope. Through a plate of food, a knitted blanket, a new home, a new pair of clothes, a smile… Would you join me in praying for hope for the kids of Africa?

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