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Women’s Day Activities

looking at the chimps

Women’s Day here in S. Africa fell on Sunday year, meaning that the holiday was celebrated yesterday with a day off. The origins of Women’s Day are a protest march against proposed amendments of some Urban Areas Act. Seems to be the norm around here, protesting to get what you want. I definitely don’t condone this behavior (the recent protests, just a week ago, consisted of the municipality workers dumping trash all over the streets for days to get a raise). What I did enjoy was a day off with my kids. A much needed day with just mommy, away from the busyness. I decided to take them to Chimp Eden, part of the Jane Goodall Institute. For an hour and a half, we watched chimps eating, playing, comforting, and showing off, as our tour guide told us their stories. Most of them were rescued from Sudan and Angola where they were tied up, abused, and extremely mistreated. Here’s a few chimp photos…

chimp laying


swinging from trees



I think the events of the day inspired my kids! They jumped like monkeys on the jumping castle!

jumping like monkeys

chimp jumping castle

And enjoyed their ice cream!


eating ice cream

Joshua thought the day was…

thumbs up

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