Tender Treasure :: Mbonisweni Update

A big THANK YOU for praying last week! Monday morning I got an incredible report from our friend, Sthembiso, who is a pastor in Mbonisweni. As I listened to him, my heart was overjoyed. God hears our prayers. They don’t fall on deaf ears. Please rejoice with us and praise our God as you read this report.


As a result of people coming together and praying, the people responsible for burning down homes agreed to stop! This is incredible. And unless you have ever stepped foot in Mbonisweni, it’s probably hard to understand how incredible this is. In a community where violence seems to be the answer to retaliation, this agreement to stop these acts is unheard of. It’s definitely the work of a great God!

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As we praised God for this, we really felt like this was just the beginning of a huge release of God’s Spirit in Mbonisweni. This is so exciting! And YOU are a part of it through your prayers! Please keep praying for this community for God’s Spirit to continue moving!

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