Tender Treasure :: The Vulnerable Children Of Mbonisweni

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As I sat in our Monday morning staff meeting, after just coming back from Cape Town, I was horrified to hear the news. Yet another little girl was raped and murdered in Mbonisweni. When will it stop? When can little girls and other vulnerable children be able to roam around safely and sleep peacefully at night without the fear of being violated?

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Justice was taken into the hands of the people as they burned down the man’s house who is accused of this crime. As one of our interns watched helplessly, the only thing he knew to do was call the police. I pray justice is served.

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I get so angry and sad when I hear this news. A whole mix of emotions and feeling helpless to do something physically. Yet one of the most powerful things I can do is pray. As our staff walk the streets of Mbonisweni today reading out Scriptures, speaking out the name of Jesus, and praising Him, would you join us right where you are?

  • Pray against the violence and awful crimes that are being committed in these communities, particularly today for Mbonisweni.
  • Pray for the vulnerable children that God would keep them safe from this evil.
  • Pray that God would bring justice. People taking it into their own hands is just going to cause more violence. We need to see God intervene!
Thank you for your prayers!

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