Tour Guide Destination :: Green Market Square


If you love shopping and outdoor cafes, Green Market Square in downtown Cape Town is a must! You can find anything from African drums to beaded necklaces, from purses with African prints to diamonds, from soapstone sculptures, wooden bowls, and radios made out of bottle caps to scarves and clothing! Green Market Square has it all!

african drums

And of course, bartering is accepted at the outside shopping stands because, “For you, I make special price! Name your price!”

buying and bartering

And if all that shopping and walking around makes you tired, there’s plenty of outdoor cafes to choose from, including one of our favorites, Vida e Caffe, a Portuguese inspired coffee shop. Their coffee and assortment of baked goods is something you can’t pass up! Just make sure to hold your valuables close as you enjoy your refreshment!

banana muffin


I love visiting downtowns in big cities. After living so close to New York City for several years, I have come to love the big city hustle and bustle. And downtown Cape Town is no exception!

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