U of N Workshop


Although we had some fun touring the city, the main reason we went to Cape Town was for the U of N Workshop. It was held simultaneously in 4 different locations – Kiev, Ukraine; Lausanne, Switzerland; Cairo, Egypt; and Cape Town, South Africa! And through Genesis Link, we were able to have interaction with the different locations.


Although I missed most of the sessions due to sickness and needing to be with my kiddos, there were some definite highlights. The biggest being over 500 people coming together from over 50 nations to worship our God together! Powerful stuff indeed!

more than a face

It was also great to connect with people from all over the world, some new relationships and others familiar that got re-connected. That’s probably my favorite part of any conference.

emma g and art

kids painting

The last highlight was being able to run an hour and a half seminar on What Is Home? Engaging The Orphan Crisis. Our room was packed and people were very eager and engaging in the topic. We ended our seminar by a creative intercession time of praying and writing What is Home? on the canvas. It was awesome to read the words, in different languages, of what is home. Even though it was a brief time together, these participants had a part in praying for the orphan crisis! We look forward to what God does in THEIR hearts as a result of that seminar!

what is home?

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