Balancing Two Birthdays On The Same Day

Every year, on September 29th, it’s always tricky. Do I do separate birthday parties or a joint one? I know. The important questions of life. But still. I want both my husband and daughter to feel loved and special in a unique way on their shared day. Thus, I ask the question every year. I decided to do separate parties this year. Partly because my brain was brimming with ideas for my little girl’s party two months in advance. (Crazy I know, but I tend to think ahead.) So I did separate parties but also tried to make their day fun. You can’t have too many birthday celebrations. And Emma Grace LOVES that her and her daddy share a birthday so we must do something…together.

So…while Daddy and Joshua went to breakfast with the guys,
Mommy and Emma Grace dined at Magnolia Cafe with the girls.


blueberry flapjacks

the table

mommy and emma g

We all re-grouped at lunch time to take Emma Grace
to pick out a new dress and shoes!

new shoes

And then some family time as we enjoyed a nice treat.

thumbs up

sipping hot chocolate

While the kids got to hang out with their favorite babysitter, I took Jeremy to a movie.
What!? In the middle of the day on a work day. YES!!

britt and emma g

And finally the dinner request. Emma Grace, “Mac and cheese.”
Jeremy, “Sounds good!” So mac and cheese it was!

mac n cheese dinner


And that’s how we celebrated the birthday duo on September 29th!


Check out something fun coming up over here!

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