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One of the things we’re trying to do here at Ten Thousand Homes is to creatively pray for the children we minister to who have been orphaned. Of course, God hears our prayers no matter how we pray them, but in their world, where creativity is usually lost due to survival, we feel it’s so important to bring that back. Our 10K Tuesday challenge this week to creatively pray for the children you’ve been reading about in this space by writing prayers in journals. I LOVE this challenge and felt I needed to post it here this week. Here’s the scoop…

When faced with a crisis as large as the HIV/AIDS pandemic, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of people affected. You hear of millions of children left orphaned and it’s as if a part of your brain shuts down. You feel compassion, but what can you do in the face of so many? One way to make a difference is to focus on the stories you know. Instead of praying for millions, pray for the one you know.

silly lebo

Creative Action:

Take a small notebook and attach a picture of one of the following children to the front. Read their stories and carry around their notebook with you all week, recording your prayers and any words you may receive. Pass it to relatives and friends or bring the notebook to your weekly small group and pray together for the child’s future and well being.

Khethiwe Lebo Bheki Lifalakhe Pinkie Nandi
Petros Lucia Mandla & Zodwa Busisiwe

If you feel led, mail the notebook to us and we’ll make sure it gets to the right child.

P.O. Box 4450

White River, Mpumalanga, 1240

South Africa

Thanks for your participation for these kids!

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