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As I’ve had the privilege of handing out blankets from the Knit-A-Square donations, I’ve seen first hand the joy on these kid’s faces from receiving a personalized blanket.

tracy langa

sicelo vilakazi

The children and even local police officers have come together to help sew squares together. I love that it’s not just us making them, but others have gotten involved!

it's a group effort
photo by susi from voice for the voiceless

Below is the 10K Tuesday challenge written by Brittany. As I see these kids wrapped in their new blankets, it sparks a prayer challenge that I think we can all participate in…

Children often have an easier time believing in the fantastic. Whether that’s Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or a child’s blind faith in God. As we grow older, our minds adapt to the world’s philosophies and we have a harder time trusting in the things we can’t see. The more we witness the degradation of the world around us, the harder it becomes to believe in something so inherently good.

But what about the ones that grow up without the childhood that allows them the luxury of believing in the fantastic? How much harder is it to trust God when everyday of your life you’ve struggled for food, shelter,and safety? How much more difficult is it to relate to a God of goodness, mercy, love, and justice when you’ve never experienced it in your own life? When you’ve lost the innocence required to take that leap of faith?

Creative Action:

Every night this week, as you lay your head down to sleep and snuggle underneath your covers, pray for the orphans of this world to feel God’s love wrapping around them in a fantastic, supernatural way. Pray for a renewal of their childhood, that God would protect their ability to dream and believe in the things unseen.

For more pics of the kids receiving blankets, visit the Knit-A-Square flickr set.

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