Wuv, Twue Wuv

Quiz time! What movie is that line from? Seriously, though, I’ve been pondering love lately. Maybe it’s because I’m madly in love with my husband and with each passing day, that love grows deeper. Not trying to be sappy. Just speaking the truth. But how do we describe that 4 letter word? As I read one of the meanings of love in the dictionary…an intense feeling of deep affection…the word intense hit me. Yes, I like that word intense. But intense what?

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Ten years ago, when we said those vows and professed our commitment to one another, there was love. And it was hard to imagine that we could love each other more than we did at that moment. But you know what I’ve realized 10 years later? Love doesn’t just come. It takes work. Hard work. We’ve worked hard at our relationship, at our marriage, and at making sure that love is growing…intensely. Sure there are arguments and the occasional, “When are you going to pick up your clothes?” comes around, but our love is strong.

There are a few things that we’ve practiced that have been key in our relationship. Here’s our secrets…
1. Forgiveness and humility! This is huge! Ephesians 4:26 wasn’t lying when it says we shouldn’t let the sun go down on our anger. And we’ve made sure to walk in humility and use the words, “Will you forgive me?” “I forgive you.” They are simple, many times hard to say, yet so powerful.

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2. Respect and honor. We’ve made it a point to respect and honor each other through our speech, our differences, and our different ways of doing things. I would never bad mouth Jeremy in front of other people or talk down on him. I would be crushed if he did that with me. When I am frustrated with him, I admit my frustration but never say words that I know I would regret later.

3. Put aside selfishness! We are selfish beings, right? This can be such a hard one! Sometimes I feel like I am right in an argument and I selfishly hold onto what I feel is justice. That’s when God reminds that I am being in selfish and that in the scope of things, it’s not important to hold on to.

As we’ve practiced these keys, it has made our love grow intensely deeper which hopefully be an example to these 2 little munchkins we’re trying to raise. What about you? What are keys that you’ve found that has transformed your relationship with your spouse?

By the way, the answer is Princess Bride!

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