Bringing Smiles

Right before we left South Africa, I handed out a few more blankets from the Knit-A-Square donations. Honestly, most of the kids so far I’ve only met when I handed them a blanket and took a photo. Usually when I go to the communities I spend my time chatting with the local volunteers, the ones who are doing the work with the kids, who know each one by name.

Trevor Manzini

It’s always a privilege to meet each child, to put a name with a face. And then to hand them a blanket. Wow! What a blessing to bring a smile to their face! I love it and I’m so thankful I can bring them joy in the midst of their day.

Khulile Mnisi

On this particular day of handing out blankets, I noticed her name on the list. Really? I get to give her a blanket? Thank you, Jesus! I think out of all the stories I know of these children, her story breaks my heart the most. I see her sad face and always think, “Why did this little girl have her innocence stripped from her? She’s only a child.” Although I know that this little blanket will never undo the horrible things she’s endured, I pray as she wraps it around her sweet little body every night, she feels the love and warmth of Jesus and it brings a smile to her beautiful face…

Busisiwe Mokoena

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