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My new blog! It’s been getting most of my attention lately although I don’t think this one has necessarily been neglected!  My new blog is actually a store of homemade goodness.  You might remember about 6 weeks ago that I mentioned starting an Etsy shop.  Well, instead of an Etsy shop I decided to go with my own blog featuring some of my handmade items.  I’m really happy with the finished product and hope YOU enjoy some of the items!


I’ve also completed my 2010 calendar!  I thought long and hard about a theme for this year’s calendar.  Although there were lots of ideas between myself and my hubby, I knew that I wanted it to be something that would reflect who I was and something that was close to my heart.  It’s been an interesting year of discovering and tapping into my creative side more than ever.  I’ve become one of the biggest advocates of people trying to discover what their personal creative outlet is.  So this year’s calendar theme is Creativity!  It’s a collection of photos from one of my creative outlets with quotes throughout on creativity.  I also love that I was able to incorporate all my kids and nieces in it!  You can buy a 2010 calendar for $29.95 at my Lulu site.

And today only you can get 30% off your order by using coupon code CYBERSTUDIO at checkout!

Click here to preview the entire calendar and purchase!

calendar cover

So as your browsing those Cyber Monday deals be sure to check out the I Believe In Love Storefront!  Go handmade!

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