Speaking Life

It’s been a hectic week. With news of death, destruction, and sickness all around, a heaviness sets in. My friend’s death, the terrible destruction in Haiti, news of a dear friend’s family member fighting cancer. It’s overwhelming. And I tend to wear that heaviness on my shoulders, and it affects all of those around me.

love my boy!

None of this is about me. I have feelings and emotions surrounding all of this that creates a somber spirit, but my heart is heavy for the loved ones that are left behind. 

sweet girl!

But today I am choosing to speak life in the midst of all this.  Not to bury it under the rug and not properly mourn, but simply to speak life, think of the things I am thankful for, and smother my family with love and squeezing them a little tighter, instead of taking my heaviness out on them.

Hope your weekend is full of life surrounded by your loved ones!

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